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乔治. Andrews Distinguished 系列讲座

乔治A号. Andrews Distinguished 系列讲座 was inaugurated in 1997 with the generous support of a devoted friend of Principia. The series is named in honor of the first Dean of the College, who also served with great distinction during his 30-year career at Principia (1921–1953) as a professor of history.

Primarily an educational program for Principia College students, the series features speakers of high ideals and strong character whose ideas and decisions have made a significant imprint on our times.

It is the College's hope that these examples of lives well lived will inspire Principia students to careers devoted to the largest purposes and highest ideals.

2016 Ed Visteurs
World Class Mountaineer

2016 亨利M. 保尔森.
Former United States Secretary of the Treasury

2014 Captain James Lovell, Fred Haise, and Gene Kranz
Apollo 13 Astronauts and Mission Flight Control Director

2014 马德莱娜·奥尔布赖特
Former United States Secretary of State

2011 乔治·威尔
Pultzer Prize-Winning Author, Syndicated 专栏作家

2010 穆罕默德•尤努斯
Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Founder of the Microenterprise Lending Movement

2009 多丽丝·卡恩斯·古德温
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Historian, Lincoln Scholar

2008 福克斯
Former President of Mexico

2007 罗伯特·杜瓦尔 (十大最大的网络彩票平台' 49,C ' 53)
Academy Award-Winning Actor, Director, and Screenwriter

2006 巴拉克•奥巴马(Barack Obama)
Former President of the United States

2006 旺加里·马塔伊
Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Humanitarian, Environmentalist

2005 托马斯·弗里德曼
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author, 纽约时报 专栏作家

2004 科蕾塔·斯科特·金
Humanitarian, Civil Rights Champion, Wife of the Reverend Dr. 马丁·路德·金 

2002 威塞尔
Holocaust Survivor, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author 

2000 科林·鲍威尔
Former United States Secretary of State, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 

1999 吉米•卡特
Former President of the United States

1998 乔治H. W. 布什
Former President of the United States

1997 玛格丽特•撒切尔(Margaret Thatcher)
Former Prime Minister of Great Britain

Ernie and Lucha Vogel Moral Courage 演讲者s

The Vogel Moral Courage program was established to nurture, 鼓励, and promote the idea of moral courage through speakers, 研讨会, and special activities as well as a special collection located in the Marshall Brooks 图书馆.

The speaker series has brought to the Principia College campus individuals from around the world who have been significant exemplars of—or writers on—moral courage. The purpose of the speaker series is to foster an appreciation of the importance of moral courage in every aspect of life.

2019 Arno Michaelis and Daryl Davis
A Former White Supremacist and a Blues Musician, Anti-Hate Activists

2017 满城风雨Callimachi
International Journalist covering Al Qaeda and ISIS

2017 安东尼·梅内德斯
Halliburton whistleblower

2016 Dr. 杨建利
Pro-democracy Activist from Northern China

2015 Ziauddin Yousafzai
Educator and Human Rights Activist

2014 迈克尔·金
Author and Human Rights Activist

2013 Azar Nafisi
Professor and Iranian-American Author

2011 劳拉·洛根
Foreign Affairs Correspondent for CBS 十大最大的网络彩票平台

2011 克里斯汀梦露
Political Scientist and Professor

2010 伊曼纽尔日航
Musician, Activist, and Former Ugandan Child Soldier

2010 奥列格Kozlovsky
Civil Rights Activist

2008 贝蒂Bigombe
Former Ugandan Government Minister and World Bank Consultant

2008 薛欣然
Author and Former Radio Host

2007 梅尔巴感
Journalist, Author, and Member of the Little Rock Nine

2006 黛安娜威尔逊
Fourth-Generation Shrimper and Environmental Activist

2006 丽迪雅孙
Professor and Whistleblower

2005 重要的
Humanitarian and Inspiration for 卢旺达饭店

2004 主沃尔·索因卡
Author, Professor, and Political Prisoner

2003 主Weatherill
Humanitarian and Former 演讲者 of the British House of Commons

2003 路易克拉克
Protestant Minister, Attorney, Civil Rights Activist

2001 莫里斯方式
Civil Rights Attorney

2001 洛厄尔伯格曼
Investigative Reporter and Former 60分钟 生产商

2001 Jeffrey Wigand
Tobacco Industry Whistleblower and Founder of SMOKE-FREE KIDS, Inc.

2000 大卫•麦卡洛
Author and Historian

1999 约翰•路易斯
American Politician and Civil Rights Leader

1998 亿程
Author and Prisoner during China's Cultural Revolution


演讲者 一年
彼得·佩斯将军 2013
Matt Lauria and Michelle Armstrong 2012
Minoma Littlehawk 2012
罗斯。马培德那样 2011
赫尔曼·布恩 2011
桑迪二苯乙炔 2010
Greg Mortenson 2009
Helen and Robert Elswit 2009
Mark Suh(1975年) 2008
Bud Krogh (US'57, C'61) 2008
大卫•麦卡洛 2007
Asao井上 2007
特蕾西·芬顿(97届毕业生) 2007
罗伯特·科克伦 2006
伊丽莎白池塘 2006
凯文·米特尼克 2006
拉什沃斯基德 2005
简妮莎·甘斯(98届毕业生) 2005
保罗·迪克森(1983年美国) 2004
克利夫顿Taulbert 2004
格温Ifill 2004
阿萨德Hayauddin 2004
乔治。米切尔 2003
作者 2002
Christopher Shays (C'68) 2002
埃琳·布罗克维奇 2002
保罗·西蒙 2002
Danny Glover/Felix Justice 2002
桑德拉·戴·奥康纳 2001
珍·古道尔 2001
Maya Angelou 2000
詹姆斯一. 贝克三世 2000
瓦尔基尔默 2000
亨利•基辛格(Henry Kissinger) 1999
罗伯特•克雷格 1998